POKA-YOKE systems and End of Line Testers

Especially in the automotive industry, product quality is an absolute priority. Although this quality is already ensured during assembly by various POKA YOKE checks, every product must be checked at the end of the production process. For the automotive industry, a 100% test of every manufactured part is standard.
Our technicians have the experience to suggest you the best equipment to measure mechanical, electrical quantities or leakage measurements. For this area of equipment, communication with the company MES network, storage of measured data to the individual product and remote management of the SW equipment without the need for service intervention at the customer's site is standard.

Product testers for laboratories for precise measurements and simulation of life tests are a separate chapter. In this area we have a great deal of experience, especially in testing products from the automotive industry such as: gear shift testers, brake levers, door locks, climate tests, etc.




We have constructed a test device for AdBlue level sensors. The sensors are automatically moved by FESTO axes between positions: Input > Calibration > Washer > Inclination > Dryer > Output. The device use a unique a unique technology to calibrate the ultrasonic sensors using inclined surfaces to simulate the movement of the fluid while the car is moving. The device is controlled by a SIMATIC PLC communicating with measurement PCs and the company's MES system.



For a German customer, we designed a device for calibrating oil level sensors in an engine bath. A unique DEMI water level measurement system was used as a test medium with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. In general, the project was challenging on the mechanical accuracy of all motion mechanisms. The equipment is controlled by a SIMATIC PLC, the calibration software itself is installed on an industrial PC. The device fully supports connection to the company IS and data transfer in the framework of traceability.


We designed and built a test RIG for measuring basic parameters of Shifter cables. After the part is inserted into the test fixtures, Friction, Free-Play and Efficiency parameters are automatically measured. The test parameters are set automatically after reading the barcode from the part, and the measured values are recorded in the MES system. The device is universally designed with exchangeable coded fixtures. YASKAWA servomotors and PLC control from SIEMENS were used on the machine. The measuring software is designed on LabView technology from National Instruments. On the other side of the tester there is a digital ruler designed for measuring the length of the Shifter cables.

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