Industrial robotics

We produce robotic workstations that enable us to achieve higher production capacity and quality at lower labour costs. We manage the entire project from design through risk analysis, installation and training to service.

Using initial computer simulation, we evaluate the space and time requirements of your manufacturing processes to design the best solution for your needs.

What we can do with robots:

• Operate CNC / Injection moulding machines
• Assemble
• Screwdriving
• Glue and dispense lubricant
• Pack and palletize
• Pick and place
• Check product quality
• Automatically detect parts 2D Vision / 3D Bin Picking

Benefits of industrial robotics::

• Speed and accuracy of production
• Reliability
• Realization of monotonous and laborious tasks
• Variability and the possibility of expanding production later
• Increased production volume with minimum number of operators

SCARA Robots

SCARA is the most affordable, fast, accurate and compact robot. It is most often used for high-speed assembly. The advantage is its low weight and precision even with fine handling.


6-axis industrial robots

6-axis industrial robots that move in 3D space are a universal solution for manufacturing processes. In addition to high speed and precision, the advantage is the possibility to choose from a wide range of load capacities and reach of the robot arm. 6-axis robots are used in all types of production and assembly plants.

Collaborative robots

Human-machine collaboration at the most sophisticated level is offered by a collaborative robot with a flexible articulated arm. The cobots work continuously in safe mode, are easy to program and become indispensable collaborators in the production process. Find out more.

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