ATEX – Automation for Explosion Hazard Areas

A completely separate chapter in our activities is the development and construction of automation technology for Explosion Hazard Areas. Examples include equipment for the production of detonators for open-pit mines or automatic igniter insertion into injection moulding machines. Each device is absolutely unique, even on a global scale.

The development and production of these devices are accompanied by a number of negotiations not only with engineers but also with government authorities due to standards and legislative restrictions. EPO Machinery has successfully managed the development of these devices and is now one of the few companies that can offer these technologies.




The automatic non-electric detonator folding machine is a unique device that automatically folds a detonator without human intervention. The machine is designed as a carousel workstation with eight positions. YASKAWA robots, OMRON camera systems, YASKAWA servomotors were used on the machine. The machine is controlled by an OMROM PLC, the communication interface with the operator and the company's IS is provided by Control Web software.



A semi-automatic device used for transferring semi-finished detonators from pressing jigs to transport blocks. Since explosives are handled here, the facility is operated in concrete bunkers to minimize damage in the event of an explosion. Precisely because the device is operated in a category V1 explosive environment, a number of original mechanical and electrical solutions had to be developed.

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