Production lines

We specialize in the complete realization of production lines from design to installation. We equip the lines with technologies in various degrees of automation from manual to fully automated workplaces. Thanks to our large assembly hall, we can not only manufacture, but also assemble and test large production lines.

The project includes testing, training and warranty service. We belong to a small group of companies that offer automation for explosion risks atmospheres (ATEX).

What will your production line be able to do? The most frequently deployed technologies:

• Robotic handling
• Testing
• Screwdriving
• Pressing and riveting
• Material dispensing
• Lubricant and adhesive dispensing
• Welding: Ultrasonic, Spinweld, Laserwelding
• Product marking: labels, laser marking, engraving
• Conveyors: pallet, belt, gravity, roller
• QR code readers, RFID, camera detection
• MES and remote management

Advantages of production lines with varying degrees of automation:

• Significant increase in production capacity
• Reduction of scrap rates
• Reduced dependence on the labour market
• Decrease in labour costs and reduction in the number of production operators
• Increase in production efficiency and reliability

Manual production lines

For smaller production series or technologically demanding processes where operator labour is required or it is clear that automation is not cost-effective, we supply manual turnkey production lines. To ensure high production quality, we equip the loading beds and intermediate stations with POKA YOKE systems to ensure flawless seating of the input parts and prevent deviations. The movement of products between stations is carried out, for example, by a manual pallet system.


Semi-automatic production line

Ergonomically arranged stations with varying degrees of automation increase production capacity while reducing the number of operators required. Semi-automatic production lines are the ideal solution for larger production series and repetitive production processes. We design lines as linear solutions with manual and automatic conveyor systems.

Automatic production lines

For high production volumes, we design and manufacture production lines with the highest degree of automation, requiring a minimum number of operators. All parts handling and assembly is done in an automated mode, with the operator only providing input material replenishment and removal or packaging of finished products.

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